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Job & Career: Introduction

This guide provides an overview of library resources that can help with career exploration and job seeking. Use the tabs at the top to learn about each topic, and please reach out to us if you have questions or would like additional information.

Digital Library Resources

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has several digital resources to help you build your job seeking skills. Remember, you can always ask a Librarian for help with our digital resources and more! 

Academic OneFile 

Academic OneFile is a trusted source for scholarly research, but it’s also a resource for trusted news articles that can be more effective than searching the open web for reliable information about the job interview process.  

You can do a simple keyword search (I.e. “job interviews,” “salary negotiation,” etc.) or narrow your search by selecting the “Advanced Search” option on the homepage, and input more than one search term.  

Don’t be afraid to play around with the search terms, but remember to keep them general. You can always narrow down your choices once you get a list of results. 

LinkedIn Learning and Gale Presents: Udemy 

LinkedIn Learning and Udemy both provide hundreds of video classes and courses on professional subjects, including topics like searching for job openings, building a resume, preparing for an interview, and more. You’ll find LinkedIn Learning and Udemy classes suggested throughout this guide, but feel free to do your own searches or use the “Browse” feature to find classes that fit your needs.  

Log into LinkedIn Learning using your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card number and PIN number.  

Log into Udemy using your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card number and Google or Microsoft account.   


DigitalLearn features short video courses to help you learn to search and apply for jobs online and create resumes. You’ll also find courses about computer usage, internet safety and security, and more. DigitalLearn does not require a library card.  

Contact Us!

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CLP Staff

Librarians are here to help!

Throughout the job hunting process, our librarians can assist with:

  • Resume and cover letter reviews 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Online job search and application 
  • Connecting you with additional resources and services